What Do Vegetarians Eat?

What do vegetarians eat?……………The same thing meat eaters eat…….minus the meat.

Yes, they eat rice, pasta, corn, peas, potatoes, veggies, fruits, bread and I could go on and on.  Get the picture?


Do you know that there are still people who believe that the only things vegetarians eat are raw vegetables? They are simply horrified if you invite them out to eat and inform them that the meal will be vegetarian.

They might even tell you outright that they don’t eat grass or bush……or that they don’t eat rabbit food.


Rabbits are vegetarian

You can come to that conclusion because of what they eat.

Rabbits eat only vegetables and plant-based foods and yes the food is raw.  Give a rabbit grass, hay, fresh vegetables and water and it is just fine and dandy.

Vegetarians are not rabbits

Its worth repeating.  Vegetarians are NOT rabbits.

While there are some persons who embrace the idea of a raw food diet and try to consume most of their food in the raw form,  I can assure you they are not eating grass and hay.

I have had the experience where a “vegetarian meal” was provided for me on a flight and I wanted to scream out “I AM NOT A RABBIT”.  It was a head of raw cauliflower…or something like that.  It was years ago so that not too pleasant memory is fading, but can you just imagine that?


So what do vegetarians eat?

Delicious, nutrient packed, variety packed meals to suit every occasion.  Vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish but what a tremendous variety of edible substance exists in our world that is healthy, tasty and nutritious.


Let’s examine a typical dinner party.

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are present at this event.  The table is spread with a wide selection of dishes.

Let’s say it’s buffet style and everybody serves themselves.

What’s the difference between the meat eater’s meal and the vegetarian’s meal?

Very little.


The meat eater helps himself to a nice serving of vegetables…….so does the vegetarian.

The meat eater has  delicious corn on the cob………so does the vegetarian.

The meat eater puts some lovely pumpkin pie on his plate…………so does the vegetarian.

The meat eater scoops up some tasty scalloped potatoes…..so does the vegetarian.

The meat eater has some wild rice……so does the vegetarian.

What about the lovely pasta salad? They both have some.

The meat eater has some refreshing fruit drink and delicious chocolate cake for dessert.

So does the vegetarian.


It seems that both the vegetarian and the meat eater are having the same thing.

So what’s the difference then?

Oh, the meat eater just put some roast chicken on his plate and the vegetarian had curry chick peas.

Wow! Is that the only difference?

Yes.  The meat eater had a vegetarian meal…….almost……. (except for the chicken).

And what can we say about the vegetarian?

Definitely not a rabbit.

There is the obvious.  Vegetarians eat a lot of fruits and vegetables…..usually more than non-vegetarians.

What is not so obvious, especially to meat eaters is that vegetarians have a much wider variety of food choices  because they tend to be very creative in combining vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains etc. to form delicious tasting meat substitutes.    For the lacto ovo vegetarian the choices become even wider as dairy and eggs are added to the list of foods used in preparation of the meal.

Think casseroles, soups, loafs made from nuts and beans, stews, vegetable curry……there are numerous possibilities.

And don’t forget the desserts.

Vegetarians are certainly not left out when it comes to dessert. As a matter of fact, the meat eaters and vegetarians tend to eat the same desserts. For the vegetarians who don’t use dairy or eggs, there are still many options.

Enlighten those who don’t know.

Invite your non- vegetarian friends over for a home-cooked meal or take them to a nice vegetarian restaurant and let them experience the delightful fare that is available.

Hopefully, they will realize once and for all that rabbits are vegetarian but Vegetarians are not rabbits.


Have you ever had the experience of going out and being served a less than desirable “vegetarian meal” a.k.a. rabbit food.  I would love to hear about it.  Please share in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “What Do Vegetarians Eat?”

  1. Very helpful post for those thinking about becomming vegetarians. I agree – it’s a common misconception that vegetarians only eat “rabbit food”. I’ve been vegetarian at a few different points in my life and it’s absolutely true that you get more food variety, because you’re getting calories from so many more sources. Also, it was an excuse for me to eat mexican, thai, and indian food constantly (since they do vegetarian so well). You make a good challenge to meat-eaters to join their vegetarian friends sometime, and see if they feel deprived after.

    • Sometimes the meat eaters just need a little bit of exposure. I was at a workshop on the weekend and when we were discussing what to prepare for lunch some of my friends rebelled when a vegetarian meal was suggested. They said they didn’t want rabbit food, so chicken was added to the menu. Well you should see them all getting down into the vegetarian lasagna and going back for seconds and thirds.


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