Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service

vegetarian meal
Life just got easier.

Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service is available and has just totally revolutionized the dining options of both the long time vegetarian and those who are just making the choice to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle.

Here is a question for you long time vegetarians. Aren’t you sometimes tired of the same old menus every week.

It is a fact that there are many options and varieties in a vegetarian diet and I do try to be creative with my meals. But sometimes by week 2, I fall back in the rut of dietary sameness. Do you have this problem as well or is it just me?

I know some of you are great cooks. I would just love to be at your house for dinner every day. But some of us….. Oh boy! We go on YouTube and watch the preparation of some fantastic, mouthwatering vegetarian cuisine and wonder why we are not preparing those fantastic menus. When we are watching, it seems so, so simple, but somehow we are not converting our watching, to action. I don’t know why.

Well, actually, maybe I do. I don’t know about you, but I think I know what my problem is. I can’t say it out loud but *whispering* maybe I am just too lazy. There. It’s out in the open.

Am I destined to just visually enjoy all those delicious vegetarian meals that I see on YouTube while I continue to cook stew and more stew? Certainly not. Those mouthwatering menus are now very accessible to us challenged cooks through a variety of Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service.

vegetarian meal

Not everybody is lazy. Probably there are only a few of us. But there are some of you who have recently adopted the vegetarian lifestyle or are thinking of doing so and you are concerned about what you will eat. Not because you are lazy but because you truly don’t know how to cook vegetarian meals. No need to worry anymore because you can have healthy, delicious, plant based foods delivered directly to your door.


As mentioned, there are different reasons why these fantastic meals are not created in our kitchens.

  1. We can cook but we are too lazy.
  2. We cannot cook.
  3. We can cook but we are not very good at coming up with creative vegetarian options.

All these problems can be overcome with the delivery options available.

You can choose the option of having completely prepared meals delivered to your door. All you have to do is heat and eat.


You can have a meal kit delivered to your door and you do the actual food preparation.

Meal Delivery

There are several Meal Delivery Service companies to choose from.

You can choose from a wide variety of entrees and side dishes. You can order several different meal items and combine them however you want or you can order a complete breakfast meal, dinner meal etc. Don’t forget the dessert.

Just think lentil bolognese, smoky roasted broccoli, enchilada casserole, chick’n quesadilla, chinese eggplant stir-fry…. When last have you made those at home. I made them last….never.

The meals usually come frozen and you just heat it up when you are ready to eat.

You may order as much or as little as you want. Do you want meals for two days or two weeks? You decide. Just stack them in your freezer until you are ready for them.

So how easy is it?

  • Chose the meal delivery plan that suits you.
  • Have your ready meal delivered to your door in a properly insulated box.
  • Heat and serve.

Here is a bonus. You can get organic, non-GMO foods to purchase through these services as well. How great is that?

Meal kit delivery

With this option, you get all the ingredients needed to make the meal and step by step instructions on how to prepare it. The instructions are usually quite simple to follow and take a short time for preparation to be complete. The ingredients come in the exact amount needed. There is absolutely no need to be measuring out anything. Just follow the instructions which will tell you exactly what to do with each ingredient.

tomato, garlic, broccoli, celery

The recipes are not regular blah but are chef designed and normally enough to feed 2 or 4 persons depending on what you choose. Chances are you would not come up with these recipes on your own. One thing to know though is that the food is usually just enough for the one meal it is very unlikely that you are going to have leftovers to take for lunch next day.

The food is packaged with cooling packs to maintain freshness. More than likely, you will receive your meal kit in a carton box containing large blocks of ice packs.

That is how simple it is to have delicious, healthy vegetarian meals.

  • Choose your recipes from the many options available
  • Have your ingredients delivered to your door well preserved in an insulated carton box
  • Follow the instructions and cook up a delight.

veggie taco

Are you challenged when it comes to preparing tasty vegetarian meals.

There is no need to subject yourself to boring food day after day. If you are really not a genie in the kitchen, don’t despair. Healthy, delicious, nutritious, gourmet vegetarian and vegan meals are available to you. They are literally just a phone call away.

Give it a try and share your experiences in the comments section below.

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