The Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

To Name a Few……

Many persons are convinced about the benefits of being a vegetarian and are contemplating making the switch but they are afraid. They think their diet will be too restricted and they will no longer be able to enjoy food.

Are you one of those persons?

Well I am here to help you get rid of those fears as I share with you just a few of the great benefits of a being a vegetarian.

Better health

Research suggests that a predominantly plant-based diet can reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

This results in a reduction in medical expense.

Meals can be prepared more quickly

The long process of thawing out, seasoning and the long cooking of meat is over.

A full vegetarian meal can be put together in minutes.

Less incidence of bacterial contamination of food

Many incidents of bacterial contamination result during the handling of raw meat, poultry and fish. These meats have to be cooked thoroughly and at certain temperatures to reduce the risk of disease.

As a  vegetarian, you can intentionally under-cook your food……..or even have it raw.

Longer lifespan

Healthier diet leads to longer life.

A study done among Seventh Day Adventists showed that vegetarians live six to nine years longer than non-vegetarians.

No guilt experienced from slaughtering animals for you food

You certainly won’t feel sad when you chop off the head of your cauliflower to prepare your meal.

The person who chops off the head of the chicken might feel differently.

You can identify what you are eating

Do you really know what you are eating when you cook minced meat.  What is really included in that ground up stuff you serve to your family as beef.

However you certainly can identify the carrots and broccoli in your vegetable casserole.

Better looking skin

Good skin comes from within and a well balanced plant-based diet provides more antioxidant vitamins such as A, C, E to replenish the skin allowing you to look younger.

Great variety of meals

Gone are the days when the perception of a vegetarian was that of a weird little  person who munched on raw vegetables all day. We’ll leave that to the rabbits.

Nowadays people are recognizing that there is a wide and ready choice of foods for vegetarians.

Millions of people around the world are vegetarians

You are not alone.

Vegetarianism is a much more accepted custom that in years past. Less people will look at you like you are a weird.

The result is that there are now lots of dining out food options which was quite a challenge for vegetarians in past years.

Make today the day that you embrace the vegetarian lifestyle and experience the benefits of being a vegetarian.