Vegetarian Cookout Ideas

What do vegetarians do for fun?.………..Have a cookout of course.  Well, maybe not.

When we hear the work “cookout” it conjures up images of barbecue grills with steak and chicken and all things meat. Okay, there might be some corn on the grill as well, so let us say most things meat.

Barbecue DSCF0013


It would seem, on second thought, that a cookout is probably not the first choice of fun for a vegetarian since at these events they are usually shortchanged when it comes to getting enough to eat. If you are lucky you might have a choice of one food item while your friends are stuffing themselves on several different types of food from the grill. Not that you should be stuffing yourself but you would love to be enjoying other delicious things too.  There is only so much corn that you can eat. Right?




Well I am here to tell you that vegetarians can do cookouts and have lots of fun and good food. I had the wonderful experience of attending a vegetarian cookout last week and it was fantastic. I got some good vegetarian cookout ideas from that event and I am looking forward to planning some of the same.

I enjoyed the event so much………..well let me tell you about it.

It was a church outing for the young people although quite a few older folks were there.

The cookout had a theme –


Cavendish banana from Maracaibo

Everything that was prepared had to have banana as an ingredient.

The group was divided into three teams. Each team had to come up with appetizers, main course and dessert and they were judged on creativity, taste and presentation.

The cookout was held on a property about an hours drive out of town.  There was no electricity on the property………well there was electricity nearby but we were not allowed to utilize it in the preparation of the meals.  The event had a kind of “survival” feel as very primitive equipment was used in the preparation of the meals. Fortunately we were allowed to use matches but it was interesting watching the groups try to get a fire going.

I saw a very primitive looking oven…….at least I was told it was an oven.  I hadn’t a clue what it was when I saw it first.  It looked like something from the World War 1 era. It was placed on two coal burning pots.  It certainly cranked out a lot of baked products for one of the teams though.

Antique oven on top of coal burning pots.


All the food had to be prepared from scratch on site.  You were allowed to use any form of banana, green or ripe.  Most of the items were made from green bananas. Allowance was made for the use of  eggs as a binding agent only and the use of cheese so a few of the dishes were not vegan.

Banana cake in the making
Banana cake in the making

I can tell you I was utterly amazed at the variety of menus that were prepared that day……. way out there in the bush. And the teams went all out in their presentations. I saw some of the younger ones picking flowers and leaves to use as decoration.

Menu and display


Red Team’s Menu

Red Team’s Menu

Fruit and Nut Banana Fritter

Banana Chips and Dip

Banana – Sweet Potato Pudding served with Banana Cream

Banana Kebabs

Banana Balls

Green Banana Rundown

Banana – Sweet Potato Croquette

Banana Rice

Banana Medley Drink



I saw one person planting the dead trunk of a banana tree……….at least that is what I thought he was doing until he enlightened me. He was making a table.


Table in the making


Table finished


The Purple Team presented a wide variety.


They had:


Table used for Purple Team’s Presentation

Banana muffins

Banana cake

Banana crumble

Banana stew

Curry tofu in banana juice

Tofu stir fry with banana

Fried green bananas

Ripe banana Fritters

Chocolate banana crepe











The Blue Team, not to be outdone had a crowd favorite pizza with the crust made from banana.  I do not know how it was done as yet but I aim to find out.


Green banana fritters


The Blue Team also did green banana fritters, banana soup, banana salad, a banana-cornmeal-raisin bake among other things.  I did not get close enough to see all their menu and the names of their dishes.


I know they had a banana nut punch that had the judges begging for more.










I can tell you I was impressed with what I saw that day.  It didn’t just look great….the food was delicious and everyone had fun preparing it.  And to think….all of that from just one main ingredient.

I am looking forward to the Sweet Potato Cookout, the Pumpkin Cookout, the Carrot Cookout, the Potato Cookout, the Orange Cookout, the Corn Cookout……..after what I saw last week, I think the possibilities are endless. I am also looking forward to the Combined Cookout where we will just use all the lovely plant foods at our disposal.

I just think this is a wonderful idea for a cookout.  I have introduced the idea to my choir group and they seem to be quite interested.  We haven’t decided what theme we will use yet but I believe that whatever food we choose as our theme it will be great.

Would you like to choose the potato cookout or the carrot cookout?  Whichever you choose I think you will enjoy it to the max.

So what can vegetarians do for fun?

Have a cookout. Eat, drink and be merry.

I hope you have gotten some Vegetarian Cookout Ideas from this post.

When the suggestion for a fun day cookout is raised again, don’t despair.  You know what you can do.

Go out and have fun.

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