Smart Garden 9 – Green Thumb at Last

I am a terrible gardener.

What is the opposite of green thumb?

Well whatever it is, that is me. Every plant I touch dies. Most persons in my position would just resign themselves to the fact that they are hopeless farmers and the only place they are going to reap a bountiful harvest is at the grocery store or the farmers market.

But I don’t want to give up. It has always been my dream to be able to go to my garden and harvest lovely fruits and vegetables and herbs for my kitchen.

box of vegetable

The reality though is that it is hard to reap a harvest when you plant things and forget about them. It is just as bad when you over exuberantly water them to death. I have done both.

My first attempt at container gardening was a disaster. I was excited when I saw the little sprouts coming out. Little did I know that nothing that I had planted was growing. All that was available for harvest was a container of weeds.

I planted some carrots as well. Those grew. When I thought it was about time to harvest, I pulled up the ……..nothing. Not even one carrot. I crushed a few of the leaves and took a sniff. Yes. Definitely carrot. So for my labours I reaped carrot smell.

I started to believe that my dream will never come true and that I should really just resign myself to the fact that farming is not for me. That is, until I heard about Smart Garden 9.

What is Smart Garden 9

Smart Garden 9 is a revolutionary new garden system that gives people, even hopeless farmers like myself the ability to reap bountiful harvests of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

It is a self-growing indoor garden which can be placed anywhere in your house and will continue to produce no matter what season or what the climate is.

It is so simple to use. It literally does all the work for you and then rewards you with a delightful harvest.

More about the Smart Garden

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The Smart Garden 9 comes with the following components:

  • A self watering tank

The tank holds approximately 1 gallon of water and has a float device that indicates the level of the water.

  • Grow light with built in timer

LED light provides natural light cycle with 16 hours on and 8 hours off

  • Adjustable extension arms

Two sets of adjustable arms which can be used as your plant gets taller.

  • 9 plant cups with u-shaped lids

These are reusable cups in which you place your plant pods

  • 9 transparent germination dome

These are also reusable. They create a greenhouse effect for extra fast sprouting.

  • Complimentary plant pods

3 green lettuce, 3 basil and 3 mini tomato are included with your purchase of the

Smart Garden 9

How big is this garden?

The garden is approximately 24 inches long by 7 inches wide by 16 inches tall. With the addition of the second extension arm, the height can go up to 23 inches.

It is very easy to move as it weighs only 5.3 pounds.

How does your garden grow?

Some of you may recognize that line from an old, childhood nursery rhyme. I am not sure what “Mary, Mary, quite contrary” grew in her garden but in your Smart Garden 9 you will be able to grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can even grow flowers.

Apart from the three sets of complimentary seeds that you get with your garden, there are over 40 other varieties you can choose from and they are all pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free. In addition all the seeds are non-GMO.

For those of you with a green thumb who are more successful at farming, you have the option to use the Smart Garden to grow plants that are not available from the company. You can just get their seedless capsule and use it to grow your own seeds.

So you have your Smart Garden 9 – check

You have your seed pods – check

You have water – check

You are ready.

It is this simple.

  • Remove your plant pods from the package and put them in the plastic cup holder.
  • Cover with the u-shaped lids and place cup holder back in the water tank. Go ahead and label the cup so you will remember what you planted.
  • Cover with the transparent dome because I know you want your plants to sprout as fast as possible. (You will remove the dome as soon as the sprouting leaves start to touch them).
  • Fill the water tank by pouring the water until the float device becomes level with the edge of the tank.

This will provide water for the plants for the next 3 to 4 weeks. So if you forget about your garden for the next month it will not die. When the level of the float falls back to the bottom of the tank you will know it is time to fill up again.

  • Plug in your smart garden.

Congratulations farmer. In a few weeks you will be reaping delicious vegetables and herbs.

A word of warning.

If you don’t want to be trying to sleep at night with the LED light strip shining brightly in your house, I would suggest that you plug in your garden for the first time in the morning so that it will be lit during the daytime but turn off in the nights when you are trying to sleep.

What I like about Smart Garden 9

  • It has space to grow 9 different plants at the same time. Just imagine, all the ingredients for your salads right at your fingertips.
  • You don’t have to add any nutrients as the seed pods already have all the nutrients necessary for the lifetime of the plant.
  • The seeds are clean – no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and non-GMO.
  • You can use seedless capsules to grow your own seed.
  • Would you like to be able to harvest all year round. Its simple. Just stagger the time you plant your pods.
  • Do you wonder if in the quiet of the night you might be disturbed by the hum of your garden system? Well there is absolutely no need to worry. The Smart Garden is completely silent.
  • I don’t have to worry about forgetting to water or over watering my plants. The Smart garden does it all for me. The wick at the bottom of the plant cup absorbs water from the tank and provides the plant with just the right amount of water it needs.
  • You would think because the light is on for such long periods it will have a significant impact on your electricity bill but that is definitely not the case. The smart garden utilizes a very small amount of electricity. Just about 70 kWh for the entire year.

What I don’t like

  • A few of the units sold had a problem where the lights went bad shortly after installation.
  • Occasionally some of the pods don’t grow. Probable due to the seeds falling out of the pods before they are planted.
  • Seed pods come in sets of three. I would prefer the variety of individual packs as I might not always want 3 of everything.
  • Better instructions need to be provided for the actual set up and use of the Smart Garden

Green Thumb at last.

If you are as excited about Smart Garden 9 as I am you probable won’t be satisfied with only one. Because after all those years of failed farming you want to be planting and harvesting everything you possibly can.

Not to mention the garden on your windowsill ever abloom with beautiful flowers.

What about taking one to the office. You will be the envy of all your co-workers when they see you just reaping and eating your fresh vegetables at lunchtime.

Get you Smart Garden 9 here and join the society of “successful gardeners”. You too can have fresh food at your fingertips.

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