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Vegetables and fruits are an important part of everyone’s diet. For years, experts have been recommending 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Most of you know that we get loads of vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients from our fruits and vegetables and we have all heard about the 5 servings a day, but honestly now,  what is your intake like.  Do you think you are eating enough vegetables each day? What about your serving of fruits?

Guess what…..

It is not even 5 servings anymore.  The Center for Disease Control has recommended increasing the daily requirements of fruits and vegetables to maintain good health.  Just 5 servings is not enough anymore. 5 servings is actually the minimum that you should eat.

If you are like me, you are probable eating enough fruits. After all it is easy to grab a fruit and start munching.  But what about the vegetables?


Vegetable Salad

A nice salad along with your meal looks pretty good, doesn’t it? So why aren’t you having those lovely salads?

I must admit that I am a bit lazy at times. The meal might be ready and all that is needed is to prepare a nice salad to go with it, but when I think of cutting up all that lettuce, tomato, pepper, cabbage, carrot , onions………whatever, the laziness kicks in and I end up skipping the salad.

Does that ever happen to you?  Can’t bother to make the salad or too hungry and can’t spare the time to make it.

Well I met a kitchen gadget recently that is a life saver.  What is it, you ask?

It is a……..

Salad Cutter Bowl

Salad Cutter Bowl
The Salad Cutter Bowl is a device that allows you to make delicious, nutritious salads in as little as 60 seconds.

It comes in two parts; the bowl and the base (cutting board).

Each product is made using high quality ABS plastic. Safe, durable and FDA  approved.

The bowl contains slots which you cut through to get to the vegetables.  It also serves as a strainer for washing fruits and vegetables.

How it works

The vegetables for the salad is placed in the bowl; (carrot, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cabbage….whatever vegetables you desire)

Rinse the veggies under the pipe. (Some persons prefer to use pre-washed vegetables as it can be a little bit wet and soggy if you try to cut the “just washed” vegetables.)

Place the base over the bowl and then invert.

Take a sharp knife and slice through the slots in the bowl.

Turn the bowl (not the base or the food inside) 90 degrees and slice through again.

You will end up with sliced and ready to eat salad.

It’s that simple and that quick.

Do the same with your fruits to make lovely fruit salads.

If you want your salad to be sliced finer, you can rotate the bowl another 90 degrees and slice through again.  If you want larger chunks of fruits or vegetables, you can skip some of the slots in the bowl.


Important Points

Do not overfill the bowl.

Use a sharp knife



  • Prevents you from slicing your fingers while preparing the salad
  • Very easy to use
  • Salads can be ready in as little as 60 seconds
  • Bowl and base easy to wash up.
  • Can be used for both fruit and vegetable salads
  • Bowl can be used as a strainer/colander
  • Base can be used as a cutting board
  • Food can be cut into fine slices or bigger chunks as you desire
  • Inexpensive



  • Bowl is small. Only about two servings per bowl.
  • Plastic that makes up the Cutter Bowl does not appear durable as score lines can be seen on the base after the first use.
  • Little bits of plastic can be sliced off into your salad
  • Some persons find it challenging to turn the cutter bowl without turning the food inside
  • Sometimes the food in the bowl does not cut all the way through



This little gadget is really a great addition to your kitchen. You will not have to skip your salad because of time constraints or laziness but you will be able to make quick, healthy, nutritious salads.

Get your Salad Cutter Bowl today.


2 thoughts on “Salad Cutter Bowl – Healthy Salad in Minutes”

  1. Wow! What a unique gadget. I know we definitely don’t get the recommended amount of vegetables in our diet. I think the reason is that they take so much time to prepare. This cutter bowl would solve that problem. It is also so affordable. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    • It really takes the chore out of preparing your salads. 

      The only problem is that with the cutter bowl you might now find yourself getting totally carried away chopping up every piece of fruit and vegetable you can get your hands on……But then, that’s not really a problem is it? 🙂


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