Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes – Even for lazy cooks

Does the idea of vegetarian cooking have you thinking of long hours toiling over the stove?

That can be a daunting prospect especially if you are plagued with a little laziness now and then.

Well you can dispel this myth right away because you are going to find out that there are many quick and easy vegetarian recipes which can be whipped up in a very short time by even the most challenged of cooks. (I think “challenged” is a much more acceptable word than “lazy” …..don’t you?).


Preparing vegetarian meals takes forever to prepare

Is that what you think? Well here is a surprise for you. Vegetarian meals do not take longer to prepare that non-vegetarian meals.

As a matter of fact, vegetarians take a much shorter time to whip up a meal than their meat eating friends.

raw meat


By the time the meat is taken out of the freezer, thawed and seasoned, you could already be sitting and enjoying your vegetarian fare.


Family at dining table


Vegetarian meals can be simple yet delicious. You are not sentenced to eating lettuce and tomatoes every day. You’d be amazed at the amount meals that can be prepared by someone on a plant based diet.

Hey, be adventurous…

There is nothing boring about a plant based diet. There are numerous options. One ingredient can be prepared in so many ways.

Take for example black beans. Does it provide only one meal option?

Certainly not.

So what can you do with the black beans in your pantry?

Several things.

  • Black bean stew
  • Black bean burger
  • Black beans and rice
  • Black bean soup
  • Black bean burritos
  • Black bean salad

You get the picture?…….And that is just one bean.


There are many ways you can prepare vegetarian foods. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Check out these quick and easy recipe ideas

One Pot Vegetarian Meals

For the lazy…….oops…….I mean, challenged cook, one pot meals are a blessing.

Isn’t is wonderful to toss all the ingredients in one pot, mix it all together and end up with a delicious, nutritious meal?

Check out these quick and easy one pot vegetarian recipes.



Easy lunch ideas.

Lunch for the vegetarian is not a one way trip to the salad bar.

Think sandwiches, burritos, pita pockets, pasta salads, burgers. Those peas, beans and veggies can be squashed and mashed, chopped and mixed to form so many different lunch menus.

You can get ideas for your easy, delicious vegetarian lunch recipes here.


Easy Weeknight Dinners

How many times do you find yourself at work thinking of the delicious meal you will be going home to prepare for yourself or your family. You excitedly set off for home because you have a wonderful plan as to how you are going to prepare the meal and you imagine how tasty it will turn out. Unfortunately, by the time you fight your way through traffic and drag yourself into the house, the last thing you want to do is cook. It is going to take too much effort to come up with anything spectacular.

All the great ideas go out the window and the week day meal is relegated to ………junk. Well maybe not junk, but certainly not anything great. Perhaps you won’t even bother to eat that evening.

Don’t despair. There are many easy recipes you can use to create great weeknight dinners.

Check out these six for starters.


Are you getting the picture?

Can you see that vegetarian cooking does not have to keep you in the kitchen for hours toiling over your hot stove?


For the most part, this is true but it is a fact that some things might have you in the kitchen longer that you desire. An example is dry chick peas.

One thing that can help in this case is a pressure cooker. Another helpful tip is to soak your beans before you cook them.

But there is yet another solution to that problem.


Meal prep goes a long way

While some vegetables can be cooked in a very short time, the peas and beans which are vegetarian staples can sometimes take a little while to cook. The solution to that problem is meal prep. If you like to prepare your meals from scratch and you are therefore not using peas and beans from the tin, it is a good idea to precook the beans and store them in the freezer.

Just grab a pack when you need it and your meal will be ready in minutes.

There are other benefits to meal prep.

  • Dinners can be planned out for the week. No need to tear out you hair every day trying to decide what to prepare.
  • All your ingredients will be on hand. You won’t start cooking and then realize that you are missing important ingredients.
  • You will save money as you will buy only the ingredients you need for your meals. You will not randomly buy food that you never cook and end up tossing in the garbage.
  • You will be able to eat a variety of meals as you will have time to be more creative with your food preparation when every thing is chopped up and ready for use.
  • Your meals will be ready quicker and prevent you from yielding to the temptation of grabbing some unhealthy snack because you are too hungry.
  • Time saver. We have to stress this benefit. With everything pre-chopped, pre-peeled, pre-measured, pre-cooked……..dinner will be ready in a jiffy.

Well there you have it.

There is hope yet for the lazy cook……. There I go again. Did I say “lazy”?

Well I definitely was not talking about you. You are only challenged.

But challenged or otherwise you can see that preparing vegetarian meals is not difficult at all. There are many recipes that are quick, easy and delicious. You definitely do not have to spend extended time in the kitchen preparing meals for yourself and your family. Think about it. If you decide to pre-prep your meal ingredients, dinner can be ready in less than fifteen minutes.

What are you waiting for?

Exciting things await you in the kitchen. Go for it and have fun.


I would love to know which recipe you tried. Feel free to share in the comments section below.





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