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Nutribullet Review

Have you been hearing about the wonderful health benefits of smoothies.  They are packed full of nutrition and are so easily consumed.  Green smoothies in particular have transformed so many lives because of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are supplied by the green vegetables and fruits used in the recipes.

You might be wondering what type of blender could possibly handle all those fruits and vegetables without leaving large, unpleasant pulp. The good news is that the Nutribullet can handle the job leaving you with smooth, delicious, nutritious smoothies.

Get your own Nutribullet and enjoy quick, easy and healthy smoothies.

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Product:  Nutribullet

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Guarantee:  1 year limited warranty

My Rating: 9 out of 10


For those of you who are not yet familiar with this wonderful blender, let me tell you about it.

According to the manufacturers, “the NutriBullet is not like any other blender on the market. Its 600-watt motor, all new Extractor Blade and Magic Bullet exclusive Cyclonic Action breaks the pulp, skin, seeds and stems of the plants we eat down into tiny drinkable particles, unlocking the full scope of nutrients contained within them…”

With NutriBullet’s Nutrition Extracting power, “the gold mine of zinc and magnesium inside watermelon seeds, the wealth of Omega-3 fatty acids and healthy enzymes in blackberry seeds, and the powerful anti-oxidants in broccoli stems become bioavailable – ready for optimal absorption into the bloodstream”


How does the Nutribullet work?

Add your ingredients to the cup, screw on the extractor blade, insert into the base and push down.


That’s it. As easy as that.

The power of the NutriBullet allows the ingredients to be blended to a smooth consistency in a very short time. Most of my blending last only 30 seconds.


I have had my Nutribullet for four years and over the years it has been used at least three times every week……sometimes every day in the week. I get a lot of my nutrition through drinking and regularly make smoothies, punches, fruit drinks and my occasional home made medicine.  Oh yes.  That leaf of life plant chopped up in my blender (leaf and stem) along with a little honey does wonders for turning back a cold.


Flexibility – Your drink is different from mine

The Nutribullet comes with three cups, one tall (24 ounce capacity) and two short (18 ounce capacity). This is convenient because when my husband wants to experiment and add some unconventional ingredients to the drink, he can add it to his cup while I go very far away from him with my cup.  (I am not always as adventurous as he is.) We both give our individual cups a little whirl on the Bullet and ...”ta da”... we have our own unique concoction.



One of the short cups has a handle. If my husband with the other short cup gets jealous and wants a handle too, there is an attachable one that he can put on which is attached to a comfort lip ring.

Two comfort lip rings come with the Nutribullet.  This is to cover the screw top of the cups and make it more comfortable for drinking directly from these cups.  I personally don’t find the comfort lip rings necessary as I am quite comfortable drinking from the cups without them.

The Nutribullet also comes with two Stay-fresh Resealable Lids so you can store your drinks until you are ready for them.


Grind those seeds

Another feature is that this blender comes with a milling blade which can be used to grind seeds and grains.  It is amazing to see those grains quickly turn into powder before your eyes.  I must admit that I get carried away with the milling blade. I have milled stuff that I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  I watched my brown rice quickly turning into rice flour.  Wow! It happened so fast.  I can’t remember what became of the rice flour though, considering that I had given absolutely no thought to the uses of rice flour.

However I do remember what became of the oats flour. Some of the nutritious punches that I make have oats as one of the ingredients.  I discovered that when I milled the oats into flour before adding to the punch, the result was a much smoother texture to the drink.

Don’t get carried away like me but certainly make use of the milling blade to grind your flax seed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and whatever other seeds you may need in your smoothies and other recipes.


Start each day with a Blast of Nutrition.

Grab your Nutribullet and use this formula each day:


green leafy vegetablefruits and nuts


50% leafy greens

50% fruit (as many varieties as you wish)

A handful of nuts and or seeds

That’s it.  Just add water to the max line and blend away.

Nutrition never tasted so good.


Not just for smoothies

Have you ever felt strongly for something to eat or drink and can’t find anything in your house to satisfy your desire?

Well that happened to me a short while ago.

I really wanted something to drink (apart from water), but alas, I could find absolutely nothing in the house …

well……except for some non-alcoholic wine… and some milk…..and some chocolate drink.


Okay, let me rephrase.

I wanted juice and there was none.


But then my eyes caught sight of my wonderful workhorse NutriBullet and a few old fruits on the counter and……

Oh Joy! Satisfaction! Contentment!

nutribullet with fruits


My star fruit and guava juice is simply delicious and it was ready in just a couple minutes.  Nutribullet to the rescue again.


Washing up is a breeze. No kidding!  It really is.

A quick shake in some soapy water and the blade is clean…….. and how hard is it to wash a cup?


So what do you get with your Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet comes with 10 pieces:

1 High-torque Power Base

1 All New Extractor Blade

1 Milling Blade

1 Tall Cup

2 Short Cups (one with handle)

2 comfort Lip Ring (one with handle attached)

2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids

With your purchase you also receive

1 User Manual

1 Pocket Nutritionist Guide

……….making 12 pieces in all.


One Drawback

The only problem I have had with my Nutribullet is that it began leaking. That happened in the fourth year.

I probably contributed to the problem by too often filling past the maximum line. The instructions warn against this.

However I think the leak was mainly due to wear and tear of the extractor blade.

The good news though is that the part is easily replaceable and quite inexpensive to purchase.


My Final Thoughts

I am happy the day I went to Amazon and  purchased my Nutribullet.   It has served me very well over the years and contributed to my getting increased nutrients from my food.

As the manufactures say “The NutriBullet is not like any blender you have at home”.

I definitely agree.

Get yours today.




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