How Much is Too Much Sugar

sugary cupcakes

  Sweet is normally a very positive word. We talk about the sweet old lady and the sweet smelling flowers.  We even speak of sweet dreams. But when we speak of sweet in relation to food it is not always all positive, especially if this sweet is as a result of overuse of sugar. Are … Read more

Lifestyle and Disease. Do You Know the Link?

lifestyle and disease

Did you know that there is a link between Lifestyle and Disease? There certainly is. In times past, many people died from communicable diseases and there was not much they could do to prevent this. Nowadays, communicable diseases are not so much the problem. What we are dying from are non-communicable – or lifestyle – … Read more

Is a Vegan Diet Good For You?

vegan diet

We live in an age where information is at or fingertips …literally. The problem is that this information does not always equate to knowledge. This problem is even more apparent in relation to health and in particular, diet. For example, many of you might have decided to embrace the vegan lifestyle but with all of … Read more

The Absolute Best Diet for Diabetics

best diet for diabetics

When I was a young girl, only “old” people had diabetes. We never in our wildest dreams could imagine that a young person could be struck with this disease. That is definitely not the case nowadays. The prevalence of diabetes has increased drastically over the years and now young and old alike are plagued with … Read more

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

So once again your weight problem is really bugging you. Did it happen when you tried to get into your favorite skirt this morning and realized you couldn’t pull the zipper up? Or was it because of the pain in your knees due to the excess weight they are bearing? Did your doctor tell you … Read more

Is Cholesterol in the Diet Dangerous?

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A little while back, in the year 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee which is a body that instructs the American population how and what to eat, gave a report which said that “available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol”. The conclusion therefore was that cholesterol is not … Read more

Healthy Family Meals on a Budget

family preparing dinner

I think we can safely say that the message of healthy diet and lifestyle has caught on around the world. Interestingly, many are of the opinion that to eat healthy is extremely costly. Maybe you are one such person, but you are determined to find ways to provide healthy family meals on a budget. After … Read more

How Healthy is a Vegetarian Diet

healthy vegetarian diet

Anyone who has contemplated adopting a vegetarian diet must have at some time considered the question of how healthy a vegetarian diet is. If you have not contemplated the question I am sure your friends or family have made it their point of duty to question you about it. There is so much concern and … Read more