Preparing the Soil for a Vegetable Garden

preparing soil for garden

Gardening can be fun. Harvesting and eating food from your own garden is a fantastic experience. Planting your vegetable garden and seeing everything die soon after…….not great. But why should this happen? Maybe you did what I did. I dug the hole, put in my seedling, and I watered regularly but my plants did not … Read more

How to Layout a Vegetable Garden

square foot garden

Once again, the gardening bug has bitten. My mother was an avid gardener. My brother has obviously developed the trait and has passed it on to his children. Now my nephew is boasting of pickling beetroot, pumpkin and courgette because he has reaped so much. He is also growing cabbage, peas, corn, beans, potatoes, onions, … Read more

How to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

how to build a raised bed garden

Gardening is such a fulfilling venture. There is nothing as rewarding as harvesting the food from your own garden and seeing it on your dining table to be consumed by you and your family. Yes, from the garden to the plate is an experience I really enjoy. I don’t have enough of that experience though. … Read more

Raised Beds for Your Vegetable Garden

raised bed vegetable garden

Well that’s all the rage nowadays. Every gardener is talking about raised bed gardens. Raise beds are being used for all types of gardening and yes, you can also use raised beds for your vegetable garden. So what really is this raised bed? What is so great about it that so many gardeners are adopting … Read more

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

variety of vegetables

Do you want to have your own vegetable garden? Maybe like most people you are aware of the fact that vegetables are needed in the diet to promote and maintain good health. (You have all heard the recommendation of 5 -8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, haven’t you?) Maybe you are envious when … Read more

What to Plant in a Vegetable Garden

What to plant in a vegetable garden

It is a very good decision you make when you adopt a healthy plant based diet. After all, there are so many health benefits related to such a choice. But after making this decision, have you ever had a challenge with actually being able to get good, healthy food to buy? Do you find that … Read more