Is a Vegan Diet Good For You?

vegan diet

We live in an age where information is at or fingertips …literally. The problem is that this information does not always equate to knowledge. This problem is even more apparent in relation to health and in particular, diet. For example, many of you might have decided to embrace the vegan lifestyle but with all of … Read more

The Absolute Best Diet for Diabetics

best diet for diabetics

When I was a young girl, only “old” people had diabetes. We never in our wildest dreams could imagine that a young person could be struck with this disease. That is definitely not the case nowadays. The prevalence of diabetes has increased drastically over the years and now young and old alike are plagued with … Read more

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

So once again your weight problem is really bugging you. Did it happen when you tried to get into your favorite skirt this morning and realized you couldn’t pull the zipper up? Or was it because of the pain in your knees due to the excess weight they are bearing? Did your doctor tell you … Read more

Is Cholesterol in the Diet Dangerous?

high cholesterol egg cheese bacon sandwich

A little while back, in the year 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee which is a body that instructs the American population how and what to eat, gave a report which said that “available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol”. The conclusion therefore was that cholesterol is not … Read more

Foods To Avoid When Taking Warfarin

Foods to avoid when taking warfarin

I was awakened at 2 o’clock in the morning by my husband’s gentle nudging. His uncle had fallen ill and they had called him to take his uncle to the hospital. He was bleeding. At the time we did not know why, but we later found out that he was taking warfarin and his clotting … Read more

Do You Eat Jackfruit?

jackfruit ready to be eaten

Do you eat jackfruit? I can already see a lot of you knitting up your brows and asking “what?” What on earth is a jackfruit? Well for those of you who don’t know, it’s the new kid on the block. And if you have not yet tasted it, you are really missing out on something. … Read more

6 Easy One Pot Vegetarian Recipes

One Pot Meal

If you are like me, you don’t always like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing you meals. Many times I approach the kitchen full of enthusiasm about the various dishes I am about to prepare. I would start excitedly on one dish and then the other but by the time I … Read more

Easy Chia Seed Pudding

easy chia seed pudding

The word “super food” is being used commonly in health and nutrition circles nowadays. In the mix, there are a number of foods that are dubbed super foods but there is no evidence to prove their claim to fame. There is one super food though that we can definitely promote without fear of contradiction and … Read more

How To Meal Prep For a Week

how to meal prep for a week

Are you overwhelmed by the task of cooking healthy, delicious meals for your family? You really have the desire but just cannot find the time in your busy schedule? Meal Prep is the solution for you. Let’s face the facts. Preparing quick and delicious meals three times a day is just downright impossible with everything … Read more