Who We Are

Hi Everyone. Welcome to Vegetarian Lifestyle.


Vegetarian Lifestyle is a website focusing on just about all things vegetarian. 


It introduces you to a wide variety of plant-based foods, diets and recipes. It teaches about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet and arms you with the knowledge to take control of the choices you make with regards to what to eat and healthy practices to adopt.



Let me therefore take the opportunity to welcome you to this site.

The fact that you are here probable means that you are already a vegetarian or vegan and you are searching for more information, or maybe you are someone who want to make the step to adopt this lifestyle and you are seeking some motivation and encouragement.

Then again, you might be none of the above.  You might just be a curious searcher, seeking out new information.

Whatever brought you here, Vegetarian Lifestyle will help.


We’ll help in your decision making and we will give you the facts you need to be comfortable in the choices you make.

We will also help you overcome many of the obstacles you may face as a vegetarian.

When you feel overwhelmed, browse through our articles and be inspired to continue on your journey of healthy choices. You are not alone in your struggles.


Choose the Healthy Lifestyle

Medical technology has improved over the years and there are now numerous drugs to treat numerous ailments.  Unfortunately, these drugs most times come with unpleasant side effects.

We don’t want to act after the fact. We believe in preventing illness through lifestyle and diet and want to spread awareness of the role of a plant-based diet in health and healing.


It is not as hard as you think.

You might be one of those persons who worry that a vegetarian diet is too expensive to maintain or that it might be deficient in nutrition.  Vegetarian Lifestyle is here to allay those fears and show you that a plant-based diet is not only delicious and nutritious but is also easy and inexpensive.


About Me

Hi everyone, I am Anne and I started practicing the vegetarian lifestyle over twenty years ago.


During this time I have enjoyed superb health and my ability to prepare healthy, nutritious, plant-based meals has improved tremendously.


 I must admit that on a few occasions I have resorted to eating fish when some poor, kindhearted soul who did not want me to be left out of the celebrations, has gone out of their way to prepare a good vegetarian meal for me…..fish.  I do use the opportunity to educate them that fish is not vegetarian


I am quite passionate about healthy eating and this fueled my decision to choose the Public Health Nutrition tract when I was pursuing my Master of Public Health Degree.

The reason I created this site is to help you take the step towards a vegetarian lifestyle.  You might have been thinking about it for a while, or circumstances might be forcing you to take this step immediately. Whatever your situation, I am here to share with you information, along with various tips and recipes that will help you in your goal.

How my move toward a plant-based diet began.

What brought me to this decision to is that one day, I was eating a mince meat pie and my coworker asked if I knew what made up the meat. I thought I was eating pure beef but she told me the mince was a mixture of any part of any type of meat including waste scraps.

I could not prove her right…or wrong but I got to thinking that I really did not know what I was eating.

This resulted in a revolution in my diet as I moved to a mainly plant-based diet. I have been enjoying very good health and very tasty meals.

It’s amazing how my taste buds have changed over the years as some things which I originally found quite distasteful, I now enjoy thoroughly. One example is tofu. At the beginning of my journey, I detested that soft, white, tasteless block of “stuff” but now tofu is one of my all time favorite food.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Happy browsing

I thank you for dropping by my site and whatever your dietary or health challenges (if any) may be, I hope that the information presented, will assist you in making this healthy lifestyle change.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me at


Wishing you all the best.



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