Why is Milk Bad For You?

  We have been told all our lives that cow’s milk is good for us. We see the many advertisements telling us how important it is for our health and overall nutrition. It is endorsed by all manner of celebrities and influential people so it must really be good, right? Yes it is true. Cow’s … Read more

How To Gain Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

Did you just do a double take when you read the topic? Is it really possible to gain weight while on a vegetarian diet? The truth is that most times when you hear about a vegetarian diet, you hear about the many health benefits and more than likely you will hear of its role in … Read more

Vegetarian Lifestyle For Beginners

vegetarian lifestyle for beginners

So you want to become a vegetarian. Are you ready for the change?  I think you are. Maybe you have heard about the benefits of a vegetarian diet and want to make the change or maybe your doctor has told you that to improve your health you must change your diet. Maybe you are just curious … Read more

What is a Vegetarian Lifestyle?


Many years ago, a person who claimed to be a vegetarian would be looked upon as strange, and be the object of ridicule. Nowadays many influential and well-known persons embrace this lifestyle. But what does this entail? What really is a Vegetarian Lifestyle? Will you be called a crazy, zealous, health nut? It’s not surprising … Read more

Vegin Out Review – Healthy Can Taste Great

vegin out

Have you ever heard the saying “If it tastes great, it’s not good for you”? It is a fact that a lot of the foods that we go crazy over are not the best for us.  Some foods contain additives that literally make us addicted and we can’t get enough of it.  We just want … Read more