How to Make Hummus From Scratch


Hummus. What a strange word. For some unknown reason, when I hear the word hummus, I think compost. I have no idea why. The words don’t even sound alike. I must admit it doesn’t sound too appetizing but don’t let the sound turn you off because you are in for a real treat with this … Read more

Cooking at Home Benefits

cooking vegetables at home

Going home to a healthy, delicious, home cooked meal is becoming less and less popular these days. Although there are many benefits to cooking at home, this practice is decreasing and the reasons are many and varied. One of the common reasons is that people are just so busy nowadays that they have absolutely no … Read more

What is Coconut Water Good For?

coconut water

I often wonder how the first person who drank coconut water figured out it’s existence. The water is not visible, it’s not easy to get to, yet people all over regularly have this drink. Why? What is coconut water good for anyway? Let’s find out. The Coconut The coconut is utilized at various stages of … Read more