Best Ways to Start Eating Healthy

vegan diet

Are you one of those persons who believe that you can’t afford to adopt a healthy diet because eating healthy is very expensive? I hear that a lot but guess what, you can in fact adopt a healthy diet without it costing you any more than your usual grocery bill. Not convinced? Well, take a … Read more

Is a Healthy Diet Vegetarian?

This is not a trick question. We know that a vegetarian diet is healthy. Many studies have proven that. But is a healthy diet vegetarian? This question has come up because of a recent discussion with some work colleagues. At the start of a new year, people tend to take stock of their lives and … Read more

Cashew Spread. Who Needs Butter?

Cashew spread

Butter. That delicious, creamy goodness that makes every slice of bread taste so much better. Don’t you agree with me? Okay, so maybe there are five of you who don’t like butter. But for the rest of us….hmm…so delicious. With toast, with crackers, on our bagel…yum! But hold on! What happens when misfortune and calamity … Read more

What to Plant in a Vegetable Garden

What to plant in a vegetable garden

It is a very good decision you make when you adopt a healthy plant based diet. After all, there are so many health benefits related to such a choice. But after making this decision, have you ever had a challenge with actually being able to get good, healthy food to buy? Do you find that … Read more