How Long Do You Soak Beans?

how long do you soak beans

Soak your beans because it reduces cooking time! Soak your beans because it decreases flatulence! Soak your beans because it decreases antinutrients! Soak your beans because…okay, okay. You are convinced, but how long do you soak beans? 1 minute?….1 hour?…1 day? Let’s find out. First things first When you think of soaking beans, there are … Read more

Why Soak Beans Before Cooking

why soak beans

Quite a number of opinions exist as to why we should soak beans before cooking. Many persons practice soaking their beans without having any idea why. They just saw their mothers or grandmothers doing it and continued the tradition. As with many other traditions, there exists very good reasons why this is usually done. Here … Read more

Gas and Beans: An Explosive Relationship


Of all the body functions that exist, passing gas in public probably counts as the most embarrassing. No one blinks an eye at a cough or a sneeze. It is true that you might be a little bit embarrassed if you belly rumbles because your pre-lunch meeting is going longer than expected but being identified … Read more

Is Peanut a Nut, Or a Pea


Do you feel left out when your friends are having their junk food snacks and you are not because you want to eat healthy? Well you don’t have to feel left out anymore. The answer to your problem….. Nuts. They are healthy, delicious and nutritious and there is such a wide variety to choose from. … Read more

Vegetarians in the Bible. Really?

Vegetarians in the Bible

Vegetarianism is very popular nowadays, isn’t it. As a matter of fact, the popularity has increased in modern times as we hear of endorsement of this lifestyle from many famous persons and celebrities. However, vegetarians today still face many challenges. Do you find that some family and friends are not very supportive of your diet … Read more

What is a Legume

what is a legume

Legume…It is a weird name isn’t it? Weird… but quite popular especially among persons who consume a plant based diet. To be honest, for years I have been somewhat confused by this class of food. What really is a legume? I have attributed foods to this class that do not belong and removed foods that … Read more

Pregnant and Vegetarian: Is It Safe?

Being pregnant is one of the most special times in a person’s life. Every pregnant couple looks forward to the safe delivery of their precious bundle of joy and they will do all they can to ensure that they have a healthy baby. It is well known that adequate nutrition is vital during pregnancy to … Read more