Do Vegetarians Eat Fish?

Question: What do you call a vegetarian who eats fish? Answer: “Not a Vegetarian”. That’s my answer but then I might stir up quite a controversy. This is actually a question that comes up pretty often and there seems to be some divided opinion on the matter. But do vegetarians eat fish? What really is … Read more

Meat Analogues – Are They Good for You?

Vegetarian food is great. Some persons who are not yet enlightened think that vegetarian meals are boring. They believe that all you can eat is lots and lots of raw vegetables….like a rabbit. But this is far from the truth. There are lots of delicious vegetarian recipes available using legumes, vegetables and nuts. In addition, … Read more

What Can You Do With Bananas?

  I like bananas. They are so versatile. They taste good and they make so many recipes better. So when someone asks “What can you do with bananas“, the answer is “lots and lots of things”. Here is my great challenge however. I mentioned that I like bananas. Well my husband loves bananas. This is … Read more

Smart Garden 9 – Green Thumb at Last

I am a terrible gardener. What is the opposite of green thumb? Well whatever it is, that is me. Every plant I touch dies. Most persons in my position would just resign themselves to the fact that they are hopeless farmers and the only place they are going to reap a bountiful harvest is at … Read more

Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes

Have you ever had anyone tell you that they could never be a vegetarian because the vegetarian diet is too boring? What a misconception! Can you imagine that even in these present times there are still persons who believe that the only thing a vegetarian eats is vegetables. Just raw, crunchy salads every day. But … Read more

The Jackfruit – Meet the Giant

  Do you know the jackfruit?  Have you ever seen it? When you encounter it for the first time you might wonder if you should stand still or run. Did this thing come from out of space? I wouldn’t blame you because the jackfruit is a very, very large fruit and a weird looking one at … Read more