Make Peanut Butter With a Blender

peanut butter

Are you  concerned about all the additives and preservatives that are put into processed foods?  If you are, I am sure whenever possible you like to make your food from scratch. Without the necessary kitchen gadgets and appliances it is not always possible but I recently discovered that we don’t have to be held back by … Read more

8 Steps to Good Health

8 Steps To Health

One of the best gifts you can ever have is good health. No matter what else is going on in your life, if you lose your health every thing else just pales into insignificance. It is therefore crucial that you know and practice these 8 Steps to Good Health. Money is a very important thing … Read more

Aerogarden Bounty – Harvest Without a Green Thumb

Product: AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit Available at: My Rating: 9 out of 10 As an Amazon Associate I may earn commission from qualifying purchases.   Do you have a green thumb? Do plants flourish under your care and yield bountiful harvests? Do you enjoy delicious vegetables and fruits from your … Read more

Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

healthy vegetarian breakfast

Breakfast. That all important first meal of the day. Breaking the fast endured during those many hours while you slept. It’s time to nourish the body and fuel up for the day ahead. But wait. What can we eat? When we check on what comprises a typical breakfast we keep seeing foods such as bacon, … Read more

Best Diet For High Blood Pressure

Best Diet for High Blood Pressure

What has brought me down this road of wanting to talk about the Best Diet for High Blood Pressure? It is due to the fact that the doctor has recently given me the “your numbers are not good” speech. What number you ask? You guessed it. Blood Pressure. Most persons……. I dare say……. every person, … Read more

Vegetarian vs Vegan: Are they different?

Vegetarian vs Vegan

Do you think I am repeating myself when I say Vegetarian vs Vegan? Am I not comparing the same things? It’s only a difference in spelling, isn’t it? If this is what you think …….hey…… are not alone in your misunderstanding. So many people use these terminologies interchangeably but guess what? They are not the … Read more

Instant Pot Duo Plus 9 in 1

Instant Pot

If you want to revolutionize the way you cook, and be able to prepare healthy meals in a fraction of the time you normally would take, the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9 in 1 is an appliance that really needs to be sitting on your kitchen counter top. Planning healthy, wholesome, tasty meals for your … Read more

Nutribullet – Juice Your Way to Health


Nutribullet Review Have you been hearing about the wonderful health benefits of smoothies.  They are packed full of nutrition and are so easily consumed.  Green smoothies in particular have transformed so many lives because of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are supplied by the green vegetables and fruits used in the recipes. You might … Read more

How to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet

weight loss

Approximately 70% of the American population is overweight. That’s a staggering statistic. It’s no wonder we are bombarded with so many ads and fads regarding weight loss. We are so desperate to lose weight that many times we end up trying all kinds of diets…..some not very healthy. Research has shown that a plant based … Read more

What is the Best Diet for Diabetes

Best Diet for Diabetes

  It must have been a terrible day when you got the news that you are diabetic. You probably left the doctor’s office and went out with great resolve to stop eating any food that might make the condition worse. Unfortunately, like many others, you quickly fell back into the habit of eating any and … Read more