Meat Substitutes for Vegetarians

Meat substitutes for vegetarians

  Many persons are convinced of the benefits of being a vegetarian. There are so many studies that show the positive effects but people still hold back from making the decision to adopt a plant based diet. Why? Because they do not know what they can eat. There is no need to fear.  There are … Read more

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B12 Sources for Vegetarians

B12 Sources For Vegetarians

I am sure you have heard the concern expressed many times about the lack of Vitamin B12 sources for Vegetarians. It is one of the reasons so many persons are wary of adopting a vegetarian diet. Hey! Guess what? I have good news for you.  You can get your recommended daily intake of B12 even … Read more

Choosing The Vegetarian Lifestyle – Their Story

choosing the vegetarian lifestyle

Have you been thinking about choosing the vegetarian lifestyle? Are you wavering in your decision because you don’t really know any close friend who is a vegetarian and you don’t know what the experience is like? Well I decided to ask three of my vegetarian friends about their experiences and their regrets if any, with … Read more

Easy Vegetarian Lunch Recipes


Hey Vegetarian, what’s for lunch?   Are you constantly eating a plate full of leaves while all your friends are enjoying their exciting fare at the lunch table? You no longer need to miss out on wholesome enjoyable food while you are with your lunch buddies or even while lunching alone at your desk in … Read more

Protein and Vegetarians

peas and beans

I am sure at some time or other you have heard or been a part of a debate about Protein and Vegetarians. Why is this such a popular discussion? Well, one of the concerns when someone decides to adopt the vegetarian diet is whether they will be able to get enough protein if they no … Read more

Simple Fruit Salad Recipe

  You are probably knitting up your brow and thinking ” A Simple Fruit Salad Recipe……..why on earth would anyone write about a fruit salad recipe?” Well simply this……….because I want you to eat more fruit. Why? Because they are a source of many essential nutrients including potassium, vitamin C and folate which you need. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Being Vegetarian

Pros and Cons of being Vegetarian

Have you been struggling with the idea of becoming a vegetarian but you are not sure what to do because your family and friends bombard you with so much conflicting information. Well here is the help you need as this list of Pros and Cons of Being Vegetarian will certainly assist you in your decision-making. … Read more